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By becoming a RETIU Member you have access to a treasure trove of real estate technology training with 100’s of tutorials, videos, webinars, product reviews, and more!

All-Star Team of Instructors

All RETI Members have access to the RETI Team which is comprised of some of the top technology instructors from around the country in the real estate industry!  Our oath is to help today’s REALTOR elevate their business through technology education.

Monday Night Hangouts

Forget Monday Night Football, every Monday night a member of the RETI team will be online for a member only instructor hang out where you can ask us any technology related questions you might have.

Tuesday is RETI News Day

Every Tuesday all RETI Members will receive an email informing them of all the new content & updates added to the site that week.

Wednesday Webinars

Every Wednesday a member of the RETI Team or an Industry Expert will put on an original and information packed webinar exclusively for RETI members and friends.

Thursday Tech Tip or Trick

Every week a member of the RETI Team will provide a cool technology tip or trick that you can learn and apply to your business!

Friday Fun Toy Time

Every Friday the RETI Team will provide an App, Sofware, Hardware or Tool (aka tech toys) of the week.

RPR - Video Learning Library

RETI is a proud partner of the REALTORS Property Resource or RPR an amazing member benefit provided by NAR.  All RETI Members have access to the full RPR video learning library!

Tech Product Guide & Reviews

RETIU is building the largest Tech Product Guide available as we will be testing and assessing industry Hardware, Software, Apps & Tools and providing our ratings complete with RETIU members feedback and ratings!

Monthly Member Bonuses

Every month RETI will provide its’ members an extra perk such as a special webinar, interview, report or infographic!

Monthly Top Producer Interviews

Every month RETI will interview a Top Producer from around the country to give you additional insights how they are doing it, how they utilize technology in their business and more!


Everyday it seems like there is a new product or tool that is supposed to be “The Silver Bullet” to solve all your needs.  Are you trying to figure out how to stay on top of the fast changing real estate technology landscape, RETI News!

Access to the Industry Leaders

The RETI Team is deeply integrated in the real estate industry, are key players in helping develop policy, are friends with many of the business’s top figures and involved in many of the major events.  So we are able to give our members’ a peak behind the curtain on big items that could affect your business.

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